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We tAAClk @ Alternatives ABA

We tAAClk @ Alternatives ABA


This is a specialized offering that requires parent/caregiver/clinician commitment of two training sessions PRIOR to the start of the groups. 

  • The goal of the group is to support social interaction and development of relationships among individuals diagnosed with Autism and their siblings or peers
  • Goals for group participants:
    • initiate communication, comment, offer opinions, ask questions to one another
    • speak the same language
    • have fun!
  • Group will be activities based; based on mutual interests of users of AAC and their siblings/peers.
  • There will be 2 separate required 1 hour group trainings prior to start of the group session:

*If your child requires 1:1 assistance, please arrange for the 1:1 to accompany your child to the group. (Examples: Child has IEP at school and has 1:1 

*Snow Policy: If school is cancelled in Norwell, class will be cancelled and a make up class offered at the end of the 6 week session. 

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