Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can me or my child attend if we are not current clients of Alternatives ABA?

Absolutely! Many of our group offerings are available for the general public. If a group offering is "for current clients only", we will clearly label it that way. Some courses must be offered to current clients only for a variety of reasons. 

We use another ABA provider. Can my child still attend with his/her therapist? 

Of course! We will coordinate care with any provider. Our goal is common-progress for your child and family. 

Does someone need to attend the group with my child? 

If your child receives 1:1 intensive ABA services or has a 1:1 at his/her school, we highly recommend that someone attend the group with our child to facilitate progress. The group leader is unable to redirect and provide 1:1 supervision and intervention. If your child has difficulty attending, may leave the environment without intervention, etc. safety will be our top concern. Beyond this, your child may need 1:1 assistance to help him/her get the most out of the group. If you are still unsure about what will work best for your child-call us! 781.923.0900 or email: 

What happens if a class is cancelled for weather or some other reason? 

We will notify all participants if a group is cancelled. Check your email or give us a call if you are worried about inclement weather cancellations. Will offer make-ups at the tail end of the 6 weeks program. We have allowed for two weeks after the end date to schedule make-up classes if cancellations happen. 

Can I call to register?

Of course! 781.923.0900

Does insurance cover these groups? 

Insurance funded groups will be labeled as such and may be offered to current clients only. 

Will you have more groups than this? 

Yes! Many more groups are on the way! We are also planning parent and sibling education and support. All of that is coming soon!